G13Haze Barney’s Farm WEEK 1

G13Haze Barney’s Farm



Welcome to another week of growreport G13Haze Barney’s Farm. We are in the first week of growing this variety of cannabis. After germination success, copies of G13Haze Barney’s Farm have adapted perfectly to the environment and its development is still optimal.

This variety has a lag of three days compared to other varieties of the crop, because of a variety that we chose for this crop and germination success was 0/10.

In the course of the week I have gradually been filled the pot with substrate as the plants have been developing and spraying with water and root stimulator every 12 hours.

The parameters of temperature and humidity are maintained in the ideal values for this stage of the crop.


The lighting system 600w HPS, keep it to 18 / 6hrs and 50% power at this stage, which will increase to 75% by switching to 12/12 hours and 100% last prefloración.



At the end of the week we can see that its growth is rapid and vigorous.


That’s all, if you have any questions about growing not hesitate to leave a comment.

See you in Week 2.


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