First anniversary

Hello friends, I’m Javi (aka Trich-world) founder, administrator, community manager and reporter grower in Trichome World.
In this post I’ll do a little review of what has been the first year of TW.

The idea is growing in a time when my life turned upside down. With few resources and with little money in the bank account, a spark runs through my neurons, is July 2013, my two great passions for many years (I have 39) were cannabis and goa / psytrance, and the last 5 years also joins photography and growing my own cannabis, especially macro.
Why not create a space where I can share all these passions? especially, a space to showcase my experiences with the best cannabis genetics passing through my hands. The idea is to create a database tracking / grow weekly journals with hundreds of photographs per variety. The only problem was getting a formula to subsidize all this starting from 0.

July 2013: Born
August 2013: Born
the web begins with two journals published and grow with psychedelic music section among several other sections. all with a simple interface. I am not a programmer, in fact, before starting this, I had never touched web administration, still less creation. Also the contests begin be prolonged for 7 or 8 months.
October 2013: Started the first 6 genetic test with our first sponsors, Seedsman and Peat Moss Experience

In the coming months, the activity grows exponentially, the need to join a team of serious and demanding growers to test the maximum strains is imperative, while still creating new spaces for registered users.

From a point system that has always failures of some kind (sorry, remember that I am not a programmer and there is currently no capital spending to hire professional services of this type), to also add the entire section profiles and groups created especially to cover the most loyal users who want to interact beyond the comments and contests ..

All this, together with the complete management of the site, the social accounts Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, many management problems grow with reports that were carried out by the new members (these are made at the express request of the sponsor , so they must have some immovable requirements very similar to my work).

All this, along with a big problem emerged in the early weeks of my second test, 8 Seedsman Autoflowering strains (result of using my lousy water (EC 1.0) with the new substrate Light (with 0 nutrients) which requires the use water with a decent EC (thanks to my parents priceless, now I have osmosis filter to work without problems).

In this point, my head wants to explode, because if I was missing before hours to do all the daily work, now missing days. The technical problems accumulate on the web, now I do not have five minutes to look for possible solutions that come after each update of the WP core.
So I have been with the obligation to eliminate all social section and the areas that throwing more problems, among other changes and fixes that had pending. Now the most important part of this project is top priority, so all strains are also fully accessible from the list in the sidebar, the ratings are public, but comments still require registered account with any of the 4 social networks that there to dispocision. Also suppress the category of Medical News for not having enough time to continue updating.

I wish all these great and in some cases, painful changes, ensures that all blog, work perfectly.

Currently, the team of growers TW, I only continue with the invaluable collaboration of Txin, helping me grow in the reports section.

To finish this great billet .. to thank all of you who have helped and / or enjoyed at some point in this first year. You are enough, so I prefer not to name names and make the mistake of forgetting someone. You all know who you are …

Thanksss and a big hug if you read the entire entry 😉

Greetings .. I see you on the network

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