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Electrypnose – The electric hypnosis






Electrypnose, the electric hypnosis, is Vince Lebarde’s multi-flavored musical project.
Created in 2001, Electrypnose is exploring the electronic music-and-noise world and tries to share its sound universe.
Based in Switzerland, the laboratory doesn’t stop to be active since the beginning of the project. After the first track releaed in 2003 by Peak records, more than 100 pieces of work have been released on record labels from all over.
Beside working in the studio, Vince is travelling regulary around the globe to present his new material and to share time with the comunity.
2k1_ Electrypnose birth.
At the beginning, working on the project with a friend (Grand Mage) to experiment producing in the psy-trance genre … the story begins. Unfortunately, some different life choices made the 2 friends having to split up, Vince is keeping the trip on.
2k2_First gig in a private and very small party in the swiss mountains.
2k3_A promo album called “Reve de Neige” gets distributed by Psy-CZ group… one of the greatest help at the time.
First track released on Peak records, first Swiss psytrance label at that time.
2k4_Zapata, Vince’s good friend organizes a party where Baphomet Engine and Dejan come to play. Becoming good friends, they launch all together the record label “Kabrathor”. Without any purpose to become any big business, the idea is to release friends work by their own.
2k5_First online/digital album released by Resonantearth.
2005 is also the year of the first Primitif-Workshop.
2k6_Things start more seriously in this year, first pressed album “Le Tireur de Ficelles” on Peak Records. Gigs over seas begin with shows in Brazil and Gaian Mind festival in USA.
Another music side is also presented with the chillout/electronica album “Subliminal Melancholies”, released on Ajana records. Also, first compilation released by Kabrathor family – “Up the Kabrathors”.
2k7_Busy year with gigs and releases. Vince played at Universo Paralello in Brazil, as well as FullMoon Festival in Germany, just to mention these two big events. Two more albums are released this year, a double cd featuring morning/fullon music as well as night time trance – “Where do we go?” released on Digital Psionics records. The other album is a split and side project release made with Karash, Vince’s good mate. Cerebral Factory debut album is released on Kabrathor records.
The Intellinoise project begins as well as Minimium.
2k8_Begins with a big tour in Australia. Followed by a travel in Brazil at the beginning of the summer. Then a break is quiet welcome to work back in the studio and enjoy home. At the end of the summer, “Funked up” is released by Digital Psionics, an album mixing electro, psy and morning styles.














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