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Ektoplazm Greatest Trips - Best 50 Tracks 2008-2012 - Trichome World

Ektoplazm Greatest Trips – Best 50 Tracks 2008-2012


Ektoplazm Greatest Trips


Ektoplazm Greatest Trips


Ektoplazm Greatest Trips features 50 tracks and more than 6 hours of some of the finest music distributed through the Ektoplazm free music portal from 2008 to 2012. Compiled by Basilisk, Ektoplazm’s founder, this retrospective project showcases the immense diversity and creative vitality of the global psychedelic trance, techno, and downtempo movements. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable trip through sound as Ektoplazm audio alchemists bend time and space, probe at the membrane between worlds, and explore hypnotic, twisted, and sublime states of mind. Featuring artwork by Jonah K

01Brujo’s BowlHealing With Sound (80 BPM)



02SeaMoonTricky Transients (92 BPM)

03SephiraLearning To Walk (120 BPM)

04AlicGoing Down In A Blaze Of Glory (130 BPM)

05Trevor McGregor (Kalumet)Elephant And Castle (126 BPM)

06AnakoluthDelphic Haze (133 BPM)

07OpsyHer Ghost In The Fog (135 BPM)

08ExcizenRenesans 63 (136 BPM)

09Radioactive.CakeGood Night (139 BPM)

10Kino OkoRed Rose Flow (142 BPM)

11Re-HorakhtyDungeon Keeper (145 BPM)

12DoHmSharange Varange (150 BPM)

13CenotesGnomadelic (148 BPM)

14Farebi JalebiWho’s Who In The Zoo (148 BPM)

15Invid MindWoogygoo (158 BPM)

16MubaliThe Other Way Around (147 BPM)

17DissociactiveExtrasensorica (145 BPM)

18Wizack TwizackExpanding (145 BPM)

19The 1134Ghost Train (147 BPM)

20CybernetikaMolecular Probe (153 BPM)

21OxyaMindhunter (Remastered) (145 BPM)

22SienisWest Meets East (148 BPM)

23Escape IntoOoze In My Eyes (145 BPM)

24TalpaUnusual Chair (142 BPM)

25FaradizeDarknight Castle (145 BPM)

26OverdreamLand Of Carnivore Plants (146 BPM)
27ArthaAstral Body (143 BPM)
28KadasarvaCybermind (145 BPM)
29SubConsciousMindiRemberem oGa (145 BPM)
30Screw LooseFrom Fear To Eternity (144 BPM)
31TrinodiaHuman History (141 BPM)
32AmygdalaWintermute (140 BPM)
33JikkentekiAnother Kick In The Head (Remastered) (145 BPM)
34EkoplexTwisted Root (Uncut) (146 BPM)
35TheobromaThinking Like Dolphins (138 BPM)
36Magic & WitchcraftSpiral (138 BPM)
37CloneInside The Grove (135 BPM)
38M.E.E.O.Wildebeest (Remastered) (135 BPM)
39EtnoscopeOdin’s Kraft (130 BPM)
40MaharishiCall Of The Ancients (95 BPM)
41Perfect BlindSyncope (Remastered) (95 BPM)
42Easily EmbarrassedMoon People (70 BPM)
43Radioactive SandwichChongo (Remastered) (85 BPM)
44GlobularSquabbling Gods (88 BPM)
45S.E.T.HFlight Of The Igloo (100 BPM)
46Wolfen TechnologiesCaveman (91 BPM)
47HypnagogTiny Little Pieces (120 BPM)
48AumaA Collision Of Craniums (100 BPM)
49HinkstepDreamland Dub (120 BPM)
50PharoelidaeVector Equilibriums (104 BPM)



Ektoplazm Greatest Trips – Free Download at Ektoplazm – Free Music Portal and Psytrance Netlabel.

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