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GrowBox Mothers - Trichome World

GrowBox Mothers


GrowBox Mothers


Let’s talk about personal or medical growing..

Today with basic equipment and a little knowledge can get self-sufficient. The best tactic to get away from “harmful” black market or the high price of legal marketing …

With a closet 75cm x 35cm x 75cm (width, depth, height) for mothers and clones, you can make continuous flowering…


With a 105 CFL 24Hour ON can keep one or two mothers, and work some early growth to clones (this is done while our crop blooming in another homebox) Thus, when just a crop, we prepared the next batch .. Every two months we harvesting … Maximum performance in minimum space …


Light spending will be like having a computer on, the closet, can work with a single extraxtor 100 or with 3 pc fans …

With this configuration works properly with ambient temperatures up to 20 C ° .. When summer arrives can be reinforced with a few ideas


These humidifiers home, I got gains 20/30% moisture. And -5 C ° temperature in summer

Sealing the openings in this case between the two doors, to improve moisture ..


You just need to try and see that we have a appropriate climate


Assembled,our cabinet mothers and clones,

at an unbeatable price..

Good smoke.


5 thoughts on “GrowBox Mothers

    1. Trich-world Post author

      For the first question.. you can read this article, an elaborate response by Ed Rosenthal in Skunk Magazine about this topic..

      The second answer … It depends on how you cultivate ..
      With the PC you can keep a distance with the plants, I have had plants in this closet with a 105w CFL for a month .. and internodal structure and thickness was perfect … 😉

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