Cream Caramel Seedsman Week 5

Cream Caramel Seedsman Week 5

The Cream Caramel Seedsman strain still life, grow at their own pace under lighting consisting of Adjust – Wings Medium Pro reflector with bulb of 600 W metal halide and its Lumatek ballast with power regulator to 600W.

The cycle is 18 hours of daylight and darkness 6

The humidifier continues to operate 24 hours.

We will use for this crop only biological products…

The Cream Caramel Seedsman are growing in pots Feltpot 8,5 L wit substrate Peat Moss Experience Light Mix in which added 20% of earthworm Humus of Asturhumus. with on surface  about 15 gr of powdered bat guano from Guanakalong.

The watered every 3 days, and in one of the risks we have added 2 Gr / Litre of Bactec from Jumus Organix


The crop parameters are as follows:

Minimum temperature is 21 ° and the maxim of 25º

Minimum humidity is 53% and the maximum of 65%

Here you have a portrait of the Cream Caramel Seedsman  that met 42 days from germination.

We changed the cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness and with 600 W bulb Mixed.

Cream Caramel Seedsman

See you in Week 6 with his first week of flowering

Cream Caramel Seedsman

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