Cream Caramel Seedsman Week 1

Cream Caramel Seedsman Week 1

Cream Caramel Seedsman 

Cream Caramel

The Cream Caramel Seedsman spend their first week cycle of 18 hours under two 55 W TNeon of 9000K reflector PowerPlant.

Humidifier operates 24 hours.

Temperatures between 19.5 º and 24.5 º and humidity between 55% and 70%.

A week has elapsed with 10 Cream Caramel Seedsman germinated, and watered with plain water every3 days.

We chose the top 5, and 7 days water them every 3 days with water alone.

The Cream Caramel Seedsman spend this week with cycle 18 hours under 2 TNeon 55 W 6500K reflector PowerPlant

It took 15 days from germination and will transplant them into pots with substrate 1L Experience Light Mix Peat Moss and 20% of Asturhumus Vermicompost.

Cream Caramel

At this time spent on lighting Lumatek adjustable ballast made ​​with 600 W (power regulator set to 400 W) with 600 W bulb HM and reflector Adjust  medium pro-Wings.

Cream Caramel

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