Cloning on air layering


Cloning on air layering

Sometimes we find unique plants, beauty, smell, taste and/or medical use captivate us..

In this guide step by step, we will see how we can make a clone of our favorite plant … Cloning on air layering is safe, fast and does not stress the future plant … so I recommend it especially for newbies, and / or rebels plants

Though for me, the best method is air layering, not recommended for high production of clones. If you need many clones is preferable the traditional method.

We need:

  • water 6PH
  • jiffy
  • rooting hormones
  • paper towel or paper film
  • foil
  • cord


First, select the branch, the younger ones, faster rooted


Gently scraped the intermediate node…


cloning on air layering

apply rooting hormones in the scraping ..

apply rooting hormones

Now, with the jiffy previously hydrated in water at 6PH

opened lengthwise (see first photo),

and place it on the branch, similar to putting a Franfurt bread .. 😉

And wrap it in paper towel or plastic wrap to prevent evaporation ..

I prefer paper towel ..

helps retain moisture on  the jiffy..

should be similar to the photo ..


wrap in foil to protect from light..

cloning on air layering

We subjected firmly to the main trunk,

this prevents it from moving as little as possible

while new roots are born


if everything is ok, between 7 and 15 days

the jiffy is colonized by roots

new roots air layering clone

Now we can plant the new clone identical to the parent..

And we’ve reached the end of this guide easy to cloned..

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thank you for reading and have a good smoke


11 thoughts on “Cloning on air layering

  1. Javi

    Hello! I prefer the traditional system, try once the air layering and i didn’t went well, the stem cuttings was broken into and the mother suffered much, sure that i did not do so well, but I see more easy for me, the system of always. It is assumed that in this way it saves some time, but i think it is more the risk of doing so poorly that save time, at least in my case. To do this and that this well done makes clear the level. :)

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