CBD Yummy week 7

CBD Yummy week 7


We are in the seventh week of the 3  CBD Yummy CBD Crew.
It is the fourth week after transplantation and the third in the flowering cycle to 12/12.

At these point the substrate Peat Moss in version “Bio Mix”  need “extra” nutrition in some plant .




It’s the first time I try this substrate, I must say I liked it .. is very high quality, the roots will catch a lot of strength and form strong root balls .. They are well prepared for a good dose of feed ..

This week, they have also begun to show his great potential with a good layer of trichomes ..


IMG_6258 (2)


The weather is between 15/20C ° and 55/70%

Let’s see photos..


Seedsman & CBD Crew  grow reviews


December 10, 2013 Day 17 to 12/12





December 11, 2013 Day 18 to 12/12



December 12, 2013 Day 19 to 12/12

Sorry, this day missing one photo..



December 13, 2013 Day 19 to 12/12



December 14, 2013 Dia 20 a 12/12



IMG_6253 (2)


That’s it for the seven week, see you in eight.. thanks for visit.. ;)



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