The Yummy CBD have reached the end of their journey … It is the day of the harvest and to celebrate, he wear their best clothes ..

CBD Yummy cbd crew grow harvest

His best textures fall in love at the best jewelers … Undoubtedly have to dry shine like diamonds best ..

Yummy CBD Crew grow report

Instead, grow it, it made ​​me uphill from their first flowers .. is these genetic requiring very personalized food, to make the most

IMGP0024 (2)

Great genetics, let alone a black beast of medicinal cannabis high in CBD, I really want to try that candied orange ….

Let’s see them better.

Yummy CBD Crew test strain

Yummy CBD Crew grow seguimiento

Trichomes Yummy CBD Crew grow strain review

And this is all … remember that this test does not end here. There are more updates to come: Dried buds, tasting, and analysis THC and CBD … enjoy and thanks for the visit ..

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