CBD Yummy CBD Crew Week 12

CBD Yummy CBD Crew



The CBD Yummy CBD Crew are your week 12, they have had some problems, but have continued to accumulate over the whole surface trichomes …


CBD Yummy CBD Crew grow report


even in the lowest and least developed parts …


CBD Yummy macro strain report CBD Crew


Even in a 1 liter of substrate Peat Moss, amazing the amount of resin this genetic ..


CBD Yummy 1 Liter pot CBD Crew grow


The information provided regarding the CBD Crew flowering time is approximately 9/10 weeks, watching their trichomes I think they’ll SER 8/9 weeks


IMGP0021 (2)



Its scent is another of his great strengths .. brutal, candied orange peel … a blast to smell.  Let’s take a closer look



calendar weekly2 en




IMG_6834 (2)

IMG_6850 (2)


IMGP0059 (2)

IMGP0015 (2)



And this was all for this week, see you in the next

5 thoughts on “CBD Yummy CBD Crew Week 12

  1. lexblaze

    Love your work! I was actually flowering a re-veg the same time as you.

    You ought to love the candied citrius/strawberry fruity smell.
    After 1.5-2.5 months of cure you don’t want to smoke the buds just opening the jar is blissful.

    I just put my last two females into rock wool and will take a page out of your grow diary

    1. Trich-world Post author

      Thanks lexblaze, I’ve just been manipulating the buds to start curing in glass jars, and the smell that these flowers in your sticky fingers is very special .. I can not to think what it will be in 2 months .. Pure loveee .. Go with two Yummy 😉

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