CBD Critical Mass Week 12


CBD Critical Mass


CBD Critical Mass CBD Crew trichomes  harvest

Week 8 to 12/12, the CBD Critical Man from CBD Crew reach the end of its road, this week is the last that going to see in life and next week will be harvested in just 8 weeks recommended in this case CBD Crew, which as you will see in the trichomes, is a very successful time ..

We always have to deduct one week or 10 days, which is roughly the time it takes to make the change of photoperiod at the beginning of flowering, that is, until they start to get out the first pistils ..


CBD Critical Mass grow report

As you can see, they have done a good plating. Large amounts of oily trichomes, is before our eyes, in a way, almost pornographic


CBD Critical Mass test review

Its smell reaches its maximum degree of exponentiation .. will Critically sweet .. candies, fruits many feelings with just touch .. we go with the photo shoot


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Modified by CombineZP

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And this is all, see you next week with the harvest of these beauties cannabis .. thanks for the visit ..

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