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Carbon Based Lifeforms - Trichome World

Carbon Based Lifeforms


Carbon Based Lifeforms

Carbon Based Lifeforms (CBL) are Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad (né Ringström), both born in 1976 and based in Göteborg, south-west Sweden.
They met when both 15 and are still, amazingly, working happily together, over 20 years later.
CBL itself was formed in 1996, as an offshoot from other projects, but it soon became their focal point, culminating in their first release on ‘mp3.com’ in 1998. Even before this, 1996’s “The Path” is their unreleased and highly sought-after demo that any listeners fortunate to hear the contents will immediately recognise as the genesis of the group’s unique sound. Johannes often creates the building blocks of sounds and harmonies and could happily tweak sounds forever, whereas Daniel develops the rhythms and sculpts the ideas into tracks.

In addition to their own work, they have actively participated in successful collaborations with several other artists, including Magnus Birgersson of Solar Fields in a project to compose the music for the Swedish dancer Olof Persson’s ‘Fusion’ performance in 1999.
The duo signed with the Lyon-based ‘Ultimae’ label in 2002 and have since released four official full-length albums.

Their music has been extraordinarily well received by connoisseurs within the ambient scene and clearly beyond, since in 2012 they were also commissioned to write the soundtrack to the independently-produced movie ‘Refuge’, whose release is due on 31st December 2013

1998 – 2011



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