Blueberry Dutch Passion GERMINATION

Blueberry Dutch Passion



Welcome to the germination test Blueberry Dutch Passion. For this report we start to grow 5 feminized seeds Blueberry variety of seeds bank Dutch Passion. Variety known worldwide for its smell and taste of berries.


We begin hydrating the seeds for 24 hours, pH 6.0 and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.


After the first 24 hours, the seeds are already hydrated, have some even open shell in the water and looks out the root tip.


We took the seeds of the water and put them between wet napkins to finish germinate.




36 hours after all the seeds have germinated, therefore it is time to put them on the ground. Wet it the substrate lightly with water and root stimulator in minimum dose 1ml / L.

TX-01-BB10 TX-01-BB11

Wet it the substrate every 12 hours.

After 48 hours of the start of the ground seeds all are out of the shell and developed his first pair of leaves.


Germination test results 5/5



Thanks for your visit and see you in Week 1.


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