Auto Onyx Seedsman grow report Germination


Auto Onyx Seedsman grow report Germination



 Auto Onyx Seedsman Germination


Welcome to the Auto Onyx Seedsman grow report.


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Day 1 – I put the five seeds this marijuana autoflowering strain in a glass of water with 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide 6PH (23 hours)


 Auto Onyx Seedsman Germination cannabis seeds


Day 2 – I put the seeds, now hydrated between damp paper towels. (36 hours)


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Day 4 – The five cannabis seeds have been opened and has a root approximately 1-2 cm. I put three of them in containers FeltPot 3.5L
Auto Onyx Seedsman grow journal how to germinate marijuana seeds
Auto Onyx Seedsman seguimiento Germinando semillas de cannabis


FeltPot advantages:
Pots are high performance geotextile mat, made of polyester 1 quality and made of nylon, for all kinds of plants and trees. Ideal for exterior / interior, for drip irrigation systems, immersion and hydroponics.


  • Significantly improves the speed of plant growth in a vegetative state.
  • Shortens flowering weeks.
  • Insulation from the cold in winter, avoiding the freezing of roots.
  • Free movement and constant flow of oxygen to the roots.
  • Increased interaction with water and fertilizer.
  • Avoid PH variation in the water stagnation in the container.
  • Allows evaporate the chlorine irrigation water.
  • Heat insulation in summer, allowing air to circulate in the roots and preventing cooked.
  • Avoid endless fixing roots and promulgates small supply.
  • Better drainage and irrigation water dispersion through the felt.


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Day 5 – After 22 hours .. First is shot went wide.



Day 6 – The other two..


Auto Onyx Seedsman diario de cultivo LED 200w
Day 8 – We ended the germination.


Auto Onyx Seedsmanseguimiento con contenedores Feltpot



Easy and quick germination with a ratio of 5/5 of effectiveness.


See you in week 1

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