Auto Moscow Seedsman grow report Germination


Auto Moscow Seedsman grow report Germination


Auto Moscow Seedsman grow journalGermination


Welcome to the Auto Mini Gun Seedsman grow report this marijuana autoflowering strain.


IMGP1538 2


Day 1 – I put the five seeds in a glass of water with 1 ml of hydrogen peroxide 6PH (23 hours)


Auto Moscow Seedsman how to grow marijuana seeds Germination


Day 2 – I put the seeds, now hydrated between damp paper towels. (36 hours)


Auto Moscow Seedsman grow review cannabis seeds Germination


Day 4 – The five cannabis seeds have been opened and has a root approximately 1-2 cm. I put three of them in containers FeltPot 3.5L


Auto Moscow Seedsman grow report Germination




FeltPot advantages:

Pots are high performance geotextile mat, made of polyester 1 quality and made of nylon, for all kinds of plants and trees. Ideal for exterior / interior, for drip irrigation systems, immersion and hydroponics.


  • Significantly improves the speed of plant growth in a vegetative state.
  • Shortens flowering weeks.
  • Insulation from the cold in winter, avoiding the freezing of roots.
  • Free movement and constant flow of oxygen to the roots.
  • Increased interaction with water and fertilizer.
  • Avoid PH variation in the water stagnation in the container.
  • Allows evaporate the chlorine irrigation water.
  • Heat insulation in summer, allowing air to circulate in the roots and preventing cooked.
  • Avoid endless fixing roots and promulgates small supply.
  • Better drainage and irrigation water dispersion through the felt.




Day 7- After 48 hours .. are the three shot went wide.


IMGP0010 2


IMGP0007 2



Day 8 – We ended the germination.


Auto Moscow  grow report with containers FeltPot 3,5L



Easy and quick germination with a ratio of 5/5 of effectiveness.


See you in week 1

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