Ata Tundra Regular Seedsman Week 1

Ata Tundra Regular Seedsman Week 1

Welcome to the first week of the Ata Tundra Regular Seedsman. Let us remember that these regular seeds germination took place during 9 days to have the first pair of true leaves.

During that period, only received water EC 0.4 + 1 root stimulator ml / liter of water (watered only 1)​​.
Plants grow apace, except for one, which seems to have had some initial problem at the root, or having malformation, see how it develops, but is unlikely to be one of the chosen.

Day Wednesday July 23
Transplanted 10 seedlings cannabis to their containers, which were four in 2L, four Litres 1.5L and two in 1 Liter. To see where transplanted each, I observed the roots and chose sizes, as had developed more or less roots.

All are set in  Substrate Peat Moss Light with Humus 20% and slightly watered with water EC 0.4 + root stimulator 1ml / liter of water


Thursday 25th
Watering thoroughly with water EC 0.4 + EC 0.2 Grow Fertilizer

Sunday 27th
Slightly watering with water EC 0.4


 Ata Tundra Seedsman Regular

 Ata Tundra Seedsman Regular grow review

 Ata Tundra Seedsman Regular grow report

 Ata Tundra Seedsman Regular grow journal



 Ata Tundra Seedsman Regular seguimiento

 Ata Tundra Regular Seedsman Regular diario de cultivo



 Ata Tundra Regular Seedsman strain review

 Ata Tundra Regular Seedsman macro



 Ata Tundra  Seedsman

 Ata Tundra  Seedsman


IMG_3885 2

 Ata Tundra  Seedsman




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IMGP0097 2



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IMGP0098 2


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IMGP0099 2


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