Ata Tundra reg Seedsman week 6


Ata Tundra reg Seedsman week 6


Welcome to Week 6 of the Ata Tundra reg Seedsman

Currently, we have 4 well-identified females and unsexed plant.

This week, larger plants are thirsty between watered and watered, this is due to the use of minis containers, watering every day is a lot, but watering every two days, it is too tight for them. Otherwise, everything is in order, the first flowers begin to appear.

The EC throughout the week has been between 1.6 – 1.1

Next, we will review all plants mentioning the size of the container and substrate EC last watered.




1.7 EC / 1.5 L pot

1.3 EC / 2 L pot 

1.6 EC / 2 L pot

1.3 EC / 1.5 L pot




1.6 EC / 2 L pot


See you in week 7
Enjoy the day


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