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Astronaut Ape - Microcosmos Records

Astronaut Ape – Microcosmos Records


Astronaut Ape


Astronaut Ape - Microcosmos Records


Astronaut Ape is Oleg Belousov, sound producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia and new Microcosmos Records artist,

Oleg started producing music in 2005 from progressive, psychedelic and goa trance. Then he switched to ambient music and entirely devoted himself to this genre.


Astronaut Ape - Microcosmos Records


2012.. The Mirror is a classic ambient/psychill record. It consists from 8 really cosmic tracks which definitely
would be a great present for all fans of psychedelic ambient music.

Microcosmos Records prepared a special present for the Cosmonautics Day, which will be very interesting for
all fans of high quality chillout music — mini release of Astronaut Ape called “A Little Closer”.
Oleg, author of this EP, graduated the Mozhaisky Military Space Academy, and in honour of
the first human’s flight to space he decided to release some truly cosmic tunes.

2013.. The second solo album from AApe. Ten Minutes Eternity is a beautiful and inspiring chill-out experience.

2014.. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain Astronaut Ape speaking. Welcome aboard Flight 420! We are about to start take-off procedures and should be high above the clouds in a few minutes. Progressive grooves, dub-like basslines and space melodies will be served shortly after that. The weather is clear and sunny, and our trip will take approximately one hour. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight. Thank you for choosing Microcosmos Airlines!





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