Amnesia Seedsman Germination

Amnesia Seedsman Germination

Amnesia Seedsman Feminized

Germination Test

Amnesia Seedsman  seeds germination we used the Jumus Starter Kit


Jumus Starter Kit

Germination kit Dr. Grow

Dr. Grow technique ensures your seed germination.

What does this kit do not offer other?

1. Indicator that your seeds are viable. Otherwise germinate and will not germinate in any other way.

2. You get a higher percentage of germination, guaranteed. Seedlings thus germinated are strong and resilient.

3. It nourishes and stimulates the bio- plant during the first weeks.

4. Protect seedling diseases and pests ground thanks to Jumus and microorganisms.

Items included in the Pack:

• A Petri dish

• A pipe with DG Clear Booster

• Substrate Seed Mix

• Compound Microbiological Jumus “00”

• 7×7 square pots

• Measuring spoon 10 ml.

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 I. Amnesia Seedsman  Seed germination

Germination is the process in which a seed, in the presence of water and oxygen to hatch birth to a seedling. Once the seed has been open and we see the tip of the root, we can say that the germination process has ended.

1. In the Petri dish put 20-30 ml water tap and add the DG Clear Booster (cut the tip pipette and add your own content). The DG Clear Booster is an accelerator compound that disinfects and stimulates germination. Do not apply if we colored and covered germinating seeds protective (then germinate directly Jumus 00)

2. Add seeds and stir with pipette during 3-5 seconds.

3. Soak until germination. Normally between 24-48h at ambient temperature diurnal

24-26 ° C. If the temperature is less than the time estimated germination lengthens.

II. First transplant

Germination ends with the emergence of the seeds, just as we see the first few millimeters of root. When most of the seeds have sprouted, we can transport them to our nursery or 7×7 square pots. These pots were proved to be a perfect vessel as seedlings for cannabis.

1. Fill the pot with  substrate Peat Moss experience light mix manufactured by Turbas y coco Mar Menor SL 

2. Make a small layer of 1 cm with the Jumus.

3. Place the seeds and cover with more Jumus .Each pot takes about 10ml of this compound microbiological. The root of the seed or cuttings must be in direct contact with the Jumus ® for that micorrize and beneficial microorganisms protect and encourage the root system, making his symbiosis. Seeds should always be placed with the root tip down. Place the seeds properly reduces winding losses. Sinking the seeds to high depth, as well as on the pressing surface, nascence and reduces seedling vigor.

4. Cover the seeds with a little peat and irrigate with 50ml of water to moisten all substrate. After 2-3 days at a temperature of 24-26 ° C the seedlings should emerge from the substrate, in this time can irradiate with artificial lighting or natural with a photoperiod of growth (18 hours light and 6 dark).

In these pots seedlings should remain a minimum of 7-10 days before the next transplantation, usually the final container. Although during that time is not necessary to fertilize , since the Jumus ® not only but also mycorrhizal 100% Bio stimulant , may be paid a growth fertilizer to promote development faster, but we recommend that slightly reduced doses

Amnesia Seedsman

Total germination seeds :   100%

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