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Alert: Trichome World may disappear!! - Trichome World

Alert: Trichome World may disappear!!


Comunicado 2016


Hey guys, I honestly do not know how to make this thread but time is running out. After two years trying to show our vision of each gene we have had the pleasure of growing, Trichome World has not get support from asked seedbanks. Only Seedsman and Gorilla Seeds accepted and supported from start, when the adventure was just beginning. So I thank from my heart all help provided, which, though insufficient to the complexity and needs of such project, it has been essential to the survival of this project.. THANKS!!

Currently, Seedsman has revised all its strains, and Gorilla Seeds need a break, they have made a great effort sponsoring great strains of major breeders.

On the other hand, 2015 has been very bad year in the personal lives of the only two members of TW, this has been seen in continuous and long delays with each week update of some strain reviews made by my great friend Txin. And also with the many problems on my crops, I’ve been reporting on them .. My life is very difficult, pay all bills each month is a very difficult challenge when your work produced few gains. Only with tax rates, my expenses soar. This is a full time job for me: growing, take hundred pictures, select / edit, show my vision with each strain, web dev, social networks, mailing. My hours are endless.

To all these problems, add the illness of my girl, since October 2014, with numerous visits to hospitals, neurologists and psychologist. She is 32 and now seems health and mobility of a 80 year old woman with chronic trembling all over his body. These tremors increase proportionally depending on your mood and nerves. Doctors still do not know what happens or how to stop it.
This did not I tell you, for compassion, just trying to show the enormous difficulties that I have developed TW until now.

However. I do not want to give up. And after a lot of thinking and evaluating, I have drawn a possible route. But to carry it out I need your support and full generosity.

You can contribute with 10€/year to finance this project? answers in the survey please, is open to all visitors, registration is not required. Thank you

Before answering, you must read my full proposal.

I need 2,500 subscribers to function as before, but without the problems or obstacles for lack of funding. With that I can continue my work showing all strains, which will be chosen by subscribers vote.

From 2500 contributions, all profits will go to continuous improvement:

  • Improve server.
  • Project web and app enhanced with professional hands. New section for subscribers where they can share their own content, comparison of varieties and many other ideas that have never been carried out due to lack of investment in programming.
  • Suscriber giveaways
  • New members for TW team


TrichomeWorld future has many possibilities with your support.
You help me?


Finally, special thanks for lending me your attention, thank you !!



You can contribute with 10€/year to finance this project? Puedes contribuir a este projecto con 10€/año?

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